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The Matic: Internet Tools and Strategies for your Business

With an integrated Social Media, eMail, and Blogging Strategy we brought attendees to the Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference

The National Center for Lesbian Rights now manages client relationships using a custom system that we created

Working with a team from UC Hastings and UC Berkeley we demonstrate the impact to universities when they keep more women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

When Cisco tracks factory assets around the world in real time, they'll be doing so with mobile analytics that we designed

... and now we're enabling emerging businesses by helping them create cohesive Social Media, eMail and Blog Strategies

Ignite relationships, cultivate the right audience, and build community.


How would you like to get started?



Case Studies


Diverse in their focus and objectives, our clients all need to connect and communicate with their audience. Here are some examples of how we’ve made that happen:

Latest Insights

Building Good Social Media Habits

In the continuously changing landscape of social media, you must maintain a presence to stay visible amongst the flux of people and information. To do so you’ll need to build good habits that will make your actions feel less like an interruption and more like a... read more

Be SLICK with Hashtags

#Hashtags are a powerful tool to use in searching for trending topics, making new connections, and engaging in new conversations. #Hashtags are text strings in your post preceded by a hashtag (aka “pound”, #) followed by a word or series of words mashed up as one word... read more

24 Social Media Posts from One Blog Article

Previously, we presented an option to schedule an hour of Social Media that could generate up to 24 interactions in one week. Then we showed you Three Reasons to extend Tweets for your Blog Entries.  Today, we’re giving you another 24 new ways to interact on... read more
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