Be SLICK with Hashtags

Be SLICK with Hashtags

#Hashtags are a powerful tool to use in searching for trending topics, making new connections, and engaging in new conversations. #Hashtags are text strings in your post preceded by a hashtag (aka “pound”, #) followed by a word or series of words mashed up as one word (without spaces). For example: #thisisonehashtag. When using one, you are participating in an ongoing conversation online using that hashtag as the common identifier; When using several in combination, you may be participating in multiple discussions at once! Hashtags are a great way to take part in wide-reaching ideas and to speak with others interested in the same thoughts. Here are some ways you can be SLICK with hashtags:



Use a tool like to see what conversations are already happening. You can see trending hashtags right up front or search for a hashtag on your own. When you do, you will see who is posting what and when they were posting. Use this as a starting point for creating your own ideas around that topic.



Tell them that you do! Like or Favorite the posts you find that resonate with you. This will send that individual a notification that you’ve appreciated and acknowledged their contribution and they may just decide to engage in further conversation with you!



If you have something to add, Respond, Comment, or Share the posts that resonated with you most. When you respond, you are opening a conversation with the person who originated that post as well as any others who have already interacted with it. If you think your own audience may be interested in hearing about it, too, give them value by sharing the post on your own feed.



Do you see the same user posting about the same hashtag? Or is the same person being mentioned over and over with each new post? Are they an authority on the subject and someone you should be following or are they someone whose posts just resonate with you? If so, you may want to Follow them on Twitter, Connect with them on LinkedIn, Like their page or send them a friend request on Facebook.



Once you’ve seen what others are talking about, who they are and what they’re saying and posting, you may be inspired to create your own posts around the same topics. Make sure to use the same hashtag(s) in your posts so that you can be part of the conversation!
Have you already used some hashtags that work with your brand and personality? Can you think of other hashtags that you can use in combination with them? BONUS TIP: Try to have a limit of 3 hashtags per post. If you can think of more than 3 hashtags for your post, perhaps you need more than one post to express your idea! Don’t forget to tag @thematicinc on your posts and show us how you’re using hashtags!