Grow Your Business

For entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, marketing is a critical element of growing your business that can be overwhelming and confusing. As if that weren’t enough, digital marketing also includes its own language and set of rules that can be intimidating just by itself. It’s no surprise that this rarely gets the attention it deserves, even when you know that it will bring your business the attention it needs. What may come as a surprise is that blogging, eMail marketing and Social Media may help you qualify leads faster than traditional marketing channels. Bridge that gap and have the digital strategy your business needs.

icon-public Public Seminars

Drive traffic to your Blog and Website with Social Media and learn the techniques that will make the most of your time and budget by attending one of our one-day workshops which includes:


  • Selecting and Using the right Social Media network(s)
  • Finding new connections and leads
  • Build and grow your customer base
  • Optimize your Social Media posts
  • Research Hashtags to maximize post visibility
  • Increase visibility to your Blog and Website
  • Coordinating your Social Media schedule
  • Boosting your online presence offline
  • Maximize returns on your investments (ROI)
icon-group Group Programs

Take your business marketing from planning to doing and drive more qualified leads faster with your blog, emails and on Social Media. Have a streamlined digital strategy with our 10 week program and learn techniques including:


  • Drafting Objectives to support Business Goals
  • Identifying your Audience
  • Crafting your Message
  • Build a Profile to attract the right audience
  • Identifying and organizing content Assets
  • Driving Engagement
  • Cultivating the right Audience
  • Content Scheduling
  • Running a Campaign
  • Metrics, Measurement and ROI
icon-individual Private Sessions

Take charge and decide what you want to work on. You choose the duration and frequency of sessions and subject area. Past sessions have included:


  • Content Strategy
  • Template Development
  • Research and Scheduling Tools
  • Integrating Blogs with eMail and Social Media
  • Scheduling Tweets for Blog posts
  • Improving Twitter tactics
  • Refining strategies for Facebook
  • Finding opportunities in LinkedIn