Building Good Social Media Habits

In the continuously changing landscape of social media, you must maintain a presence to stay visible amongst the flux of people and information. To do so you’ll need to build good habits that will make your actions feel less like an interruption and more like a routine. 99U, an online resource for creative... read more

Be SLICK with Hashtags

#Hashtags are a powerful tool to use in searching for trending topics, making new connections, and engaging in new conversations. #Hashtags are text strings in your post preceded by a hashtag (aka “pound”, #) followed by a word or series of words mashed up as one word (without spaces). For... read more

Don’t Miss the Silver Social! Social Media Audiences are Getting Older

If you’ve been holding out because you don’t believe more mature audiences are using social media, think again. They’re not only among the fastest growing population on social media, but they’re also the biggest consumers online. If you haven’t been using social media for your business because your target audiences are... read more

24 Social Media Posts from One Blog Article

Previously, we presented an option to schedule an hour of Social Media that could generate up to 24 interactions in one week. Then we showed you Three Reasons to extend Tweets for your Blog Entries.  Today, we’re giving you another 24 new ways to interact on Social Media that can help fill your... read more

Three Reasons to Extend Your Tweet Schedule for Each Blog Article

When you create content for your blog, you put in time and effort into each article including writing the content,producing or finding graphics, and managing any time and resources you’re using to make it happen. So, you’ll want to attract more visibility for every article you produce to get the most out of your... read more

Counting Down to an active Social Media Presence

If your first social media objective is to bring awareness to your brand and getting traction requires you to have a constant presence, you will need to develop sticky habits to keep the momentum going. However, too often social media activity takes a back seat to other priorities in an entrepreneur’s day. When... read more

Be Social Everywhere

Social Media is all about bringing more visibility to your business so that when someone needs what you have, you are at the top of their mind. So, how do you bring more of those people to your social media presence to begin with? Start with the people you’re already... read more

Getting A Conference Buzz

Keep up social media during a conference and use the buzz as a way to build your own presence! Preparing yourself with as much information as you can before the event will allow you to stay focused on connecting with others while maintaining your presence online. Here’s a list of... read more

Social Media Image Boost

Social Media posts with images generate more engagement. Give your Social Media images an extra boost with the following helpful tips. When you are sharing images, especially on visually-driven social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz, these pointers will help viewers quickly differentiate your images from the rest (can... read more