Health Technology Forum (HTF)

The Challenge:

Health Technology Forum needed a comprehensive plan to drive their 40-person volunteer team to contribute and participate in Social Media activities for their 2014 Innovation Conference. They hoped to drive traffic to their website, leading up to the conference and to increase conversions through digital initiatives.


The Matic developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase audience reach and engagement online for the 2014 Innovation Conference. This included a content, social media and email marketing alongside generating digital marketing collateral for email templates, graphics, and content. The Matic collaborated with Business Development, Volunteer and Conference Program Leadership Teams to coordinated engagement leading up to and during the conference that included over 400 attendees.



Baseline Metrics, Objective-Setting, Resource Analysis

Working with HTF’s Leadership Team, we identified conference marketing objectives and interviewed volunteers to assess the internal team’s capabilities and create a skills inventory.

Program Design and Implementation Strategies

With a limited ramp-up time, we created an aggressive marketing campaign leading up to the conference, with a special emphasis on historically high-converting channels: eMail and Twitter. We also identified relevant keywords and hashtags as part of the content strategy.

Monitoring and Project Management

The fast pace of changes to the conference (new speakers, new sponsors, new program tracks) required weekly calls with Business Development and Conference Program Teams to coordinate changes and updates for real-time announcements on Social Media and call outs inside eMail campaigns.


Digital Marketing Deliverables

Focusing heavily on production immediately following the strategy, we managed all components of the digital marketing strategy:

Digital marketing orientation and training for internal teams

Digital marketing benefits package to speakers and sponsors

Weekly Blog Entries

Weekly eMail Campaigns

Time-Zone-specific Tweets and Hourly Live Tweeting and the event

This program resulted in 400+ Attendees in year 3 of this conference.